About Jordan

Jordan is now nineteen years old and a senior in high school. He has a part time job at a local McDonalds. He enjoys working there along with his peers, whom he enjoys being with even at school. He also enjoys playing outside. 

He's is a people person, he bonds well with older people and is willing to help them even if he doesn't get paid doing it. I cannot tell you how many times he's ridden with me on service calls (I'm in the electronic security business), which I enjoy a lot. 

My son also enjoys going to church even if he's the only youth there. Everybody at church loves him and prays for him. The preacher and others use him for different odd jobs around the community. The nurses in our church also have been helpful by giving us information on what would help him with his disease. 

Jordan has always enjoyed playing with the dogs we've had over the years. We have learned that if he's not acting "normal," like himself, that something is going with his body. This could mean that his body is in the process of attacking itself, in which case we can help him in an assortment of ways. If no one is there with him, Dexter, the medical alert dog, is trained to assist him. 

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Please help Jordan...