Dexter and the Trainer

This is Dexter. He is a six month old Doberman. He was given to Jordan Williams to be a medical alert service dog. He has to complete 120 hours of training. 

As soon as he gets his ears standing the training will began. Unfortunately the cost of training is very high. I told Jay that I would do it at a cheaper price for Jordan who suffers from Addison's. Dexter will stay one year with me during training and then Jordan will be able to get his dog. The Williams are very nice people and need help in paying for Dexter. Any amount would be so greatly appreciated.

Introducing Kym McCree

Kym is the trainer of Dexter, Jordan's Medical Alert dog

She's a disabled U.S. Veteran with a service dog herself. Kym has been training dogs for service duty for 40 years and she's an AKC (American Kennel Club) Service Dog Evaluator. To visit her Facebook Page, Click Here (opens new window).

Thank you;

Kym Mcree
K9's & Heroes
Arp, Texas

Please help Jordan: