Jordan's Family

Jordan with his mother and father. (image)
Jordan with his mother and father.
During the shut down, my wife and I started researching and looking for a professional dog trainer to train a medical alert dog for Jordan. We looked on the internet and either called or emailed people within the USA. Everyone we contacted told us that they did not train medical alert dogs and that there was a waiting list of two to five years for there dogs and I asked if they knew of someone. We asked friends, those in the medical field and others. 

After almost a year later, we found someone that told us she would try to train a dog. This type of service dog is too important to try. It needs to be professionally trained for the specific task at hand. We found a group of trainers who said they would come to our house and teach us how to train a dog but we still had to find (buy)a dog. 

While out eating with my Mom, we were discussing the issues we were facing with finding a dog trainer. I asked her if she would ask around. She belongs to a group called the red-hats society. One of group members gave her Mrs. Kym Mcree's number. I called Mrs. Mcree and explained what we were looking for. 

Jordan's immediate family with nieces and nephews.  (image)
Jordan's immediate family with nieces and nephews. 
After several conversations, she told me to stop talking to other people because of the misinformation I was receiving. She told me she had Doberman puppies she was training and had some that were not spoken for, but they would go very quickly. She went and got another dog for us to look at that might work. We met in person for the first time to evaluate this dog. We decided to go with the Dobbie puppy. Sent her a deposit. 

We are now trying to raise money to pay off the dog aka Dexter. My son and I went to an event she was part of in Tyler for her organization to ask for donations and goods. We had a goodtime. I asked my church if Mrs. Mcree could come and speak. We arranged it and she came and gave her story. We were able to raise a little bit of money, however we still need help paying for Dexter. 

I reached out to a group on FB after starting a go fund-me account, but the forum was not the place. One of the admins, Mr. Allan Colombo, reached out to me and he has agreed to help us put together a page. He is the only admin of all the forums and groups I am part of that has reached out to me and is willing to help us. If you don't see the hand of God in this, you are blind to the spiritual intervention and guidance.

Please help Jordan: