More About Jordan's Medical Condition

His particular disease can have an acute response or it can take a month before his body starts to attack itself (ever so slowly). By the time we have to take him to the Emergency Room, his body is attacking itself and needs medication that we do not always have on hand.  

We have an injection prescription that must be current in case he's severely injured. We have have to take him to the Emergency Room at least three to five times a year, such as when he gets the stomach bug. The medical alert dog will be able to alert him when he needs a stress-dose to help him stay out of the hospital. 

If he's by himself and his body should attack itself for whatever reason, he could literally die. In this instance, Dexter, the medical alert dog, will alert him. If Jordan is unresponsive, Dexter will then go get help. 

Jordan also is extremely gullible and slow to learn responsibility as he was diagnosed with a degree of Autism. Dexter will assure his safety and to some degree his security and freedom. Dexter is Jordan's only hope of living a free and meaningful life in society.

Please help Jordan: